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Refurb & Repair

Sewage system refurbishment and repair

Your sewage system is a crucial and intricate piece of equipment, comprising electro-mechanical components that may encounter problems over time. Regular maintenance is essential for all sewage systems, as even well-maintained units will eventually experience wear and tear.

Our experienced engineers are adept at identifying the root cause of issues in all types of sewage systems. We meticulously assess the condition of your unit and recommend the most suitable course of action. Our commitment to transparency means we will never replace components that can be effectively repaired, saving you time and money.

As a reputable service provider, we have established strong partnerships with leading manufacturers, including Klargester, WPL, Kingspan, Marsh, KEE, Conder, Entec, Titan, Clearwater, among others. This enables us to access genuine and high-quality parts for seamless repairs and refurbishments.

Sewage system parts and spares

Our parts department maintains an extensive inventory of spares and parts at all times. Our team of engineers also carries a basic stock of commonly used components, ensuring efficient on-site repairs with minimal downtime. With our ready-to-use inventory, costly return visits are avoided, and your system remains operational.

If we do have to order your part, we can swiftly source mechanical and electrical components at very competitive prices.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and let our team get your system back up and running.

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Sewage System Design & Installation, Police Staff Training College – Hampshire
Treatment plant installation

ALRO Services Ltd., specialist sewage and waste water engineers recently won a large contract to design and construct a complete sewage system for the Police Staff Training College based in Hampshire.

Treatment System Repair, Business Park – Devon
Treatment plant installation

This RBC (Rotating Biological Contactor) Treatment System suffered shaft bearing failure, necessitating a crane-lift of the Rotor. Our team of engineers carried-out the required repairs over the course of one day, returning the Treatment System to full working order.

Klargester Biodisc Refurb, Public House – Cornwall
Treatment plant installation

Half-buried beneath the undergrowth lurked a Klargester Biodisc in need of some attention.

Assessment by our Senior Engineer indicated that several key components would need to be replaced including the Motor Gearbox, Drive Chain and RBC (Rotating Biological Contactor) Shaft Bearings.

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